MIXCLA (Latin Jazz Band)

A Latin jazz trio, formed with Piano: Zahili (Cuba), Bass&Percussion: Gerson (Chile), and Latin Percussion: Taka (Japan).

Based in Boston, and performing internationally such as Montreal International Jazz Festival. 

Available as the trio, as well as Gerson and Taka as individual recordings.

Women of the World (Vocal Group)

The first International champion of ACA Open contest held in 2017 at the Carnegie Hall, NYC. Winner of the US National A-Cappella Contest, Harmony Sweepstakes 2014. The multinational singers are from Italy, India, Haiti/US, and Japan. They sing gentle, powerful, and well-controlled with 29 languages of repertoire. 

Available as the ensemble as well as individual singers. The founder Ayumi plays a crystal bowl that's also available to track.

From Greece. The first lead singer of KURIOS by Cirque Du Soleil. Performed in the Emmy Award-winning short film 'Inside the box of Kurios'.

She speaks Greek, English, Spanish, and sings in Portuguese, French, and Italian.

Not only a great lead vocalist, but also excellent with harmonizing spot on.

Erini, Voice
Judy Kang, Cello & Piano

Received a full scholarship to USC recommended by Yo-Yo Ma, earned Music Degree. Currently, touring as the cellist of Celine Dion. She has worked for/with numbers of legends at US national TV, concerts and recordings such as John Williams, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind & Fire to name a few.

Alexis Soto (Percussion)

Percussion player from Ecuador.

Performed on a Grammy Award nominated production. Registered to Cirque Du Soleil.

Specialized in Ecuadorian Maracas that produces complex grooves with its unique way of playing.

Actively performing for variety of recordings for TV programs, film musics, and concerts.

We've got vocalists from all over the world and happy to introduce you from 30 different languages of options and various genres.

Let us know which language and genre you're looking for.


With 30 Languages

We provide you recordings with multiple instruments also.  A-Cappella, Strings, Brass, Latin band, Jazz band, Pop band, or even jazz big band.

Let us know your ideal instrumentation and style of music.

Band, Ensemble
Band, Ensemble

We've got 30 kinds of ethnic instruments from Asia, Middle Eastern, Africa, South America, Europe.

Let me know which instrument, country or region you're looking for.

Ethnic Instruments

Ethnic Instruments

We are happy to connect you to Award winners/ nominees, rare instruments such as bass flute, contrabassoon, harpsichord, and ethnic instruments, as well as bands and ensemble recordings. We offer real instrument recordings, and sequencing upon your request.

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Nylon Guitar

Classical Guitar

Spanish Guitar




Acoustic Bass

Electric Bass

Guitar, Bass
Guitar, Bass

Grand Piano

Upright Piano

Electric Piano


Hammond Organ

Wurlitzer Organ

Rhodes Organ




Piano, Organ, Keys
Piano, Organ, Keys



French Horn



Bass Trombone




Drum Set

Aux Percussion





Japanese Taikos

Latin Percussion

African Drums



Flute (Soprano, Alto, Bass)

Glass Flute


English Horn



Clarinet (Soprano, Alto, Bass)

Sax (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)


Double Leeds, Woodwinds
Double Leeds, Woodwinds




Acoustic Bass


Percussion player from Germany, film composer, as well as founder of percussion school.

His collection of instruments varies to ethnic instruments such as African (Dununba, Sangaban, Djembe, Kenkeni), Cuban (Bongo, Congas, Timbales), Brazilian (Ruepinique, Surdo, Tamborim), Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, and Bells which he tracks for his productions.

Sebastian Kern (15 kinds of Percussion)

Accent (A-Cappella Group)

An A-cappella group which has been known worldwide, formed with 6 singers who are from Canada, Sweden, US, France, and England.

​Available as individual vocalists, smaller ensemble with a few of them, and their famous arrangement for your production.

Their Twinkle Twinkle Little Star arrangement video has been counting millions of views on the internet.

 Our Musicians 

Featured Musicians

From Amami Island in Japan. She has been known as the unique Shima-Uta (island song) singer. Registered to Cirque du Soleil. She's the vocalist of the main theme of the national TV network NHK's historic weekly drama 'Sego-don' that she also appears as an actress as well. She has performed in Shanghai, Canada, NY, Corsica, Spain, France, Sweden, etc.

Anna Sato, Shima-Uta Singing
Kurofune, Japanese Traditional Fusion Band

Kurofune combines Japanese tradition with Jazz. The members are, Anna Sato (Shima-Uta Vo.), Hikari Shirafuji (Tsugaru Shamisen), Daisuke Takeuchi (Pf.), Tomotaka Sekiya (Bs.), and Toshiyuki Sasaki (Drm.).

"Kurofune" means Commodore Perry's black ships.